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wndrluster asked: Can you recommend some good running blogs to me? Many of the ones I followed seem to have quit the blogging world :(




Here are some people that post like 90% running stuff:

  • happyhealthytrackster
  • a-pure-guts-race
  • gracerunning
  • xc-girl
  • stunaruna
  • ultrarunnersean
  • angel-likes-running
  • thegraveyardruns
  • trackwhores
  • sub11orbust
  • sole-runner
  • everupward (Deleted, but I’m gonna put her up here just to honor her greatness. Long Live Megan)
  • running4thehigh (Long Live Gabe too :) )

And here are people that run and post some running stuff but are also just cool people:

  • my-achilles—heel
  • usualchatter
  • dirttrailsandsideponytales
  • stopped-looking’
  • almondsofjoy
  • daniellethesheep
  • runslikeapenguin

Sorry if I forgot anyone. There’s just so many and I just went through my dash basically to find people. Also, these categories are somewhat arbitrary so yeah

Great list! Hopefully I’ll be on there one day ;)

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